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The White Sow Oatmeal Chocolate Milk Stout (33cl)

White Hag Brewery

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About this beer

Stout | 5.2% ABV 330ml


A sweet milk stout with the addition of real cocoa and Irish oats. Full bodied with a sweetness to balance complex malts.

History & Style:

This style originated about a century ago when the labourers in London and Dublin would, at lunchtime (or breakfast) add a dollop of milk to the then named “Stout Porters” (strong stouts). This drink would provide the energy needed for the afternoon’s work. This beer is today seeing a resurgence perhaps due to modest (lower ABV), yet full-flavored properties.

Tasting Notes:

The flavour and aroma is dark chocolate, coffee, caramel and cream with a background of rich malts, with a frothy tan head and a rich velvety mouth-feel.

Food Pairing:

Great with charred or carmelised BBQ beef. But perfect with a chocolate fondant and vanilla ice-cream. Try sneaking a small scoop of the ice-cream into the stout!

Visit www.thewhitehag.com for more information.

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