Secret Distillery #1 (50cl)

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About this whisky

51.7% ABV 50cl

Country: Scotland

Region: Speyside

Batch: 002

Age: 9 years old

What the…?! How did you get back here?! I thought I locked that door… Well, now that you’re here, you have to promise to keep this excellent single malt Scotch whisky from a distillery known for its well-Sherried expressions a secret. No one must find out about it. No one. Look me in the eyes when I’m talking to you. No. One. Can. Find. Out. About. This. Fantastic. Whisky. Are we clear? Good. 

Nose: Oodles of classic Sherried whisky notes, from juicy raisins to Christmas spices to dark chocolate truffle.

Palate: Blackberries, more chocolate and a mixture of cinnamon and clove spiciness.

Finish: Red fruit jams and a crack of black pepper.

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