Three Brothers Bathtub Gin

Three Brothers

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About this gin

40% ABV 50cl

The Three Brothers Bathtub Gin is a rediscovery of a lost style in gin production during the Prohibition Era. 

Lebanese Juniper berries are macerated then infused along with 21 botanicals in a premium neutral grain spirit. Each of the botanicals has been carefully picked to bring the Lebanese aroma to life with every sip, like carob fruit, jujube fruit, olive leaves, coriander seeds, rose petals, cedar leaves, pine barks and hawthorn leaves. To top it off, a few ingredients were added such as pistachio, grapefruit peel, lavender and other ingredients. 

The Three Brothers Bathtub Gin is handcrafted in small batches by bartenders, 100% natural with no sugar or artificial additives.

Tasting Notes

Soft, silky with a zest of citrus and a warm, spicy finish. Starts with a full-bodied, dry and crisp aromatic adventure until it vanishes into a long, dry and floral finish. 



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